"Before" view of the house's mechanicals, including an ancient boiler for the hot water heat system.  The boiler (and the system's radiators) were removed and replaced with forced air systems, allowing the removal of all the black pipes from overhead as well.  Removal of the old boiler took two men with a cutting torch two hours--this is one heavy piece of cast iron.  In all, Olson removed nearly 2400 pounds of scrap iron from the heating system of this home alone.

"After" view of the basement mechanicals, including new hot water heater and forced air furnace.  Note outstanding ductwork fabrication by our contractor, who really went the extra mile to make this job perfect.  Also note that all the overhead pipes have been removed from the old boiler, new copper supply lines have been installed, and the foundation walls have been sealed and painted white, the floor painted blue.

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