Called the River of Stone due to the unique "flowing" appearance of the Italian marble floor, this bathroom was custom designed and built to not only be highly functional, but a soothing and relaxing retreat for its owners.  Unique to this bathroom is the grain structure of the marble tiles used on the floor and the bath platform; although the marble is cut into 12 inch squares, Olson made every effort to align the grain such that it looked as if it was cut from a single slab of marble.  The effect is quite remarkable, giving the room a feeling of tranquility and balance to compliment the spectacular views from the large picture window and 6x6 skylight.

The Project:
Remodel the master bath of a 1937 French Normandy-style home.  Create space by removing the walls between the bathroom, a small dressing room, and a linen closet and annexing a portion of the closet in an adjoining guest bedroom.  Add a whirlpool bath, his and her sinks, a vanity, and a stand-alone shower with steam, as well as a large walk-in closet accessible from both master bath and master bedroom.  Install 6' by 6' pyramid skylight in ceiling.

Shaker Heights, Ohio (a suburb of Cleveland).

Before:  2 rooms, 1 closet, 180 square feet
After:  1 room, 1 closet, 225 square feet

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